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looking to create a formula in excel: for example if cell > 104 then i want cell to - 104 / 2?

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    4 weeks ago

    Assume 104 is in cell B3.  In a different cell (like C3):  if(B3>104,104/2,B3)

    If 104 is actually a formula and you want to have the result directly in the same cell instead of a different above, then If({your existing formula}>104, {your existing formula}/2,{your existing formula})

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Your explanation is insufficient


    the general technique is to put a formula in one cell in the range

    and then copy that cell

    and paste it into the remainder of the range.

    Then you'll have that formula repeated for each cell in the range.

    For example:

    imagine you have data in column A

    In column B you want to perform a calculation on each cell in column A such that

    for each cell Ax, cell Bx = (Ax - 104)/2

    To do that

    in B1 you put the formula

    = (A1 - 104) / 2

    Then you copy cell B1

    and paste to cells B2..B100 (or however far you want)

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