'Y&R' Do you fans hate what they did with Kyle & Lola? Do you hate Summer as i do? Do you agree its Summer's fault Kyle & Lola are apart?

Kyle is a waffler like Liam this whole thing is Summer's fault she's the reason why Kyle is getting depressed and she's the reason there were problems going on with him and Lola and ever since she came back to GC she slept with her mom's former lover which is Billy and she saw Kyle getting with Lola and she got jealous of Lola being with Kyle in the first place Summer knew exactly what she was capable of the last thing she wanted to do was push and push to keep him and Lola apart because he was jealous and fans forget that two years ago Summer insulted Lola for no reason at a bar just because she's with Kyle and Lola tried to hit her with a jug and Tessa tried to calm Lola down. Summer acted like a bully to Lola and that was uncalled for. i hope Summer will get everythng she deserves someday. she's just like her mom Phyllis and i hope Phyllis will get what she deserves too

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  • 1 month ago
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    I think recently the writers are trying to change Summer's character by making her a more caring and empathetic character. However, us viewers know her too well. Kyle is acting like a immature hothead who is easily angered or agitated, which is so unattractive. Phyllis? Well, Phyllis is Phyllis who we love to hate. 

    The writers are definitely shaking things up. With more of the same drama on the forefront. 

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    • Sandra S.
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      1 month agoReport

      Justin,  I said us viewers know better regarding Summer. In these Dramas I learned that (unfortunately) no couple stays happy long.

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  • audrey
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    1 month ago

    Thanks. I missed it yesterday. I've always hated Hunter King since she got Michael Muhaney fired. He was the best Adam ever. Kyle and Lola have no chemistry, but I still didn't want Summer to win AGAIN!

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The problem that I have with the character of Summer is the actress herself. They need to write Summer to leave town for a year and then recast that part with an actress that can act.I also don't like that Stafford is back as Phyllis. The other actress that played Phyllis for was more natural and Stafford has always come across as too hammy for my taste

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