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What are some excercises I can do at the gym with runner's knee?

I have runner's knee pretty bad in both knees. They've been healing for 5 days now and I haven't been the gym in 5 days so I want to go but they're so bad I have to wear knee compression braces on them and I kinda limp bc the right one is so bad. I know I can do arm. ab and back stuff but is there any light leg work I could do as well??

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  • Chris
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    4 weeks ago

    So you want to aggravate them again? I have Spinal Stenosis and when my back flares up I simply do not do weights until I feel it's okay to do so. I haven't been able to lift weights since mid December. Instead I focus 100% on cardio. A bad knee won't stop you from other things at the gym. Find what works for you and listen to your body. Out of all the times I have had injuries there is usually a warning sign that trouble is brewing.

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