My flatmates seemingly don’t know how to clean, any advice?

I get on with my flatmates perfectly well as friends until they start making mess. It’s to an extent that I just can’t comprehend. They’ll spill pasta and leave it on the table. Spill milk over the hob and leave it. Chop food on the surfaces and leave the leftovers. Spill bear over the table (as well as people things) and ofc leave it. There’s full pieces of food, teabags and all sort of gunk in the sink so it’s always clogged and unclogging it is disgusting. I never want to clean it up but it gets to a point where I can’t use the sink, there’s no where to put my stuff down because all the surfaces have food and there’s bacteria and fungi on the food. I’ve deep cleaned it at least 4 times since October, the last being three days ago, and it’s already gone back to a tip. I always put a polite message in the group chat saying I’ve cleaned the kitchen and could ppl please try to wipe up spilt food or drink (I bought plenty of kitchen towel so it’s easy). I feel so naggy but it’s actually embarrassing, unusable and also unhealthy. Whenever my friends come over they can always spell the kitchen as soon as the enter the flat even when the door is shut. All the other flats around us refuse to come to ours (I try to cook in their flats bc ours is that dirty) and it’s become a joke how bad it is. They’re adults, I can’t comprehend spilling and entire bowl of pasta and just leaving it there to dry up and go mouldy. What can I do? Please help I’m going insane.

1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    They leave it so you'll clean it.  And some people are just slobs.  So instead of group chat you need to have a face to face meeting with all of them and figure out an assignment system where each person does certain things, put it in writing and post it in the kitchen.

    That may help, that may not help.  If not, figure out a way for you to move out.  Don't go insane, move out if necessary.

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