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True or false: the following history about Canada is accurate?

Canada may have been initially inhabited by the Natives, but the first settlers were the Engerlish (NOT Scots or British, just Engerlish). The based Engerlish battered many of the Natives then put the rest on reserves. Then the French came, claimed Quebec as their territory and brought their socialist effeminate ways with them; never worked a day in their lives, drank beer, made love to each other, brought over their trashy women (King's Daughters?) and welcomed oppressed Natives into their homes, and interbred with them.

For generations, the Engerlish ruled Canada and kept the Natives and Queerbecois oppressed. The country was 95 percent white and prosperous until 2016 when a Frenchman named Justin Trudeau somehow got elected then the country changed forever: not only did the globalist French Quebecers hijack Canada, but Chinese, Indian, Syrian, Somali and Caribbean foreigners infiltrated the country. Toronto, Brampton, Ottawa, Halifax and even Vancouver had become unrecognizable as Canadian cities. Since then, the Engerlish Canadians became the oppressed ones.

And this is why Wexit is ever so popular.

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    its my home and i love it

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    Regardless of the time and place, the older I'm getting, the more I'm learning just how inaccurate ALL of history is.

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    Highly incorrect.

    For a start, the first European settlers in what we now call Canada were norsemen.

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