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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicLyrics · 3 months ago

What's the meaning of these lines from the song Slow up by Jacob Banks ?

The lines are :

"What I've learned from a soldier

Every man is a son to a daughter

And we only remember

When we see the blood "

I don't understand what he meant by " Every man is a son to a daughter" .

I'd be really glad if anyone could explain in to me:)))

Thanks in advance!

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  • Alan
    Lv 7
    3 months ago
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    If you take it literally.  It is just a given

    Who do you know who didn't have a mother.

    Whose mother do you know who wasn't somebody's daughter.

    If you think it is some sort odd symbolism , you will have to ask the 


    (as long as the songwriter was not talking about Clone Wars (from 

    Star Wars) or maybe a religious figure  


     I think it is just in War, soldier are leaving family behind and  it hurts more than one person often. Because everyone who dies has or had a mother and their mother also had a mother and father .  So every person who dies on the battlefield leaves behind their parents who are hurt.  If the parent's  parents are still aliive,  their parents are affected by the grief of their children.   Of course, they could also care about their grandchildren.

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