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Have you used Tagamet?

I suffer from heartburn at night. This has been a non issue in the past with Zantac.  Now that Zantac has been removed from stores, I have been searching for an alternative. 

Pepcid does not work for me. I’ve been trying it with no luck. PPI’s like Nexium and Prilosec work great, but I’m trying not to use them long term.

Tums and Gaviacon don’t work the entire night. 

What are your thoughts on Tagamet? I asked a local pharmacist about it; he acted like I should stay away from it and I’m curious why. Has anyone used it and had any problems with it?


I am currently not taking any prescription medication. 

1 Answer

  • Andrew
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    No i buy my the Kirkland brand at Costco for my heartburn . It works great and there half the price. I don't trust these big brand names there always changing the ingredients so they can make more profit

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