PS4 Seagate ex Hdd?

I bought a SeaGate 2TB External HDD because I want to backup my data from my PS4 incase anything happens to my console. so I formatted the drive then nothing would copy so I formatted it to exFAT and went to backup mt data and while it took about 40 minutes to download I got an error saying it couldn't backup (CE-30005-8) how do I fix this?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    it sounds like the drive hasnt been FULL formatted(will take at least 1 hr. It may also be suspect with respect to the interface connection, so if its USB 3 then you must use a high quality usb 3 cable. read the article at the link below to see the difference between adding an external drive which is used to EXTEND your system drive so they effectively become one space, and to REPLACE the existing drive. Hope that helps. ** always format the drive in the computer that it is going to be operated in.

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  • Pyrus
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    4 weeks ago

    This suggests that you have a hardware failure, in this case, your HDD! Now, it may be repairable on a software level by trying to rebuild the database (here is a link):

    Youtube thumbnail

    Another fix is the one that I personally prefer. If you have 2 SATA to USB connectors with 12V 2A adapters, you can connect both to a computer and using Macrium Reflect, you can clone the hard disk to your new drive. 

    Now, this error could also probably be due to your new HDD. It IS possible that it may be corrupted. Try scanning it with HDD using Hard Disk Sentinel software, and see if its health is fine. Likewise, check your PS4's HDD the same way. If they are about to die, then don't bother powering them on. It's best that you try to connect them externally and try to clone them. 

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