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Is the I-551 stamp on a passport acceptable for carnival cruise?

My girlfriend lost her green card and her passport expired! 🙄

We started the new green card process, which takes longer time then we have until the cruise. So we're getting her passport renewed and getting the I-551 stamp. We are going to the Eastern Caribbean, all U.S. territory. The lady from Carnival said DHS does all the checks and she didnt know what they accepted. A lady from DHS said it is acceptable but she didn't sound too confident. I'd feel more comfortable if I heard form someone or someone who has known someone it has worked for.


Thank you all for your answers. My buddy and I both called DHS at the same time and asked and the both answered the same. The I-551 stamp will be accepted. But I will let you all know after the cruise how all went. 

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  • Mrsjvb
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    3 weeks ago

    she needs a CURRENT valid government-issued ID that accurately represents her true status.  without her green card she may very well be denied  reentry back into the states.. or denied boarding  altogether

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Getting answers from strangers on the internet is not a good way to go about getting the actual answer.  You may get personal anecdotes but you definitely need to get the answer from DHS and maybe her embassy - the fact that you don't feel comfortable with the answer from them only shows that seeking one from the interweb is not a good idea

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