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what does this woman imply when a guy gets in touch with her on FB that she kind of knows?

If a guy got in touch with a woman and asked her what shes looking for and she said shes not looking for anything, that she was taken by surprise when he contacted her. What would that imply

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    4 weeks ago
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    She thought it creepy that someone she hardly knew would contact her and ask such a weird question. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Without knowing more about the history between he two of then, off top it sounds like the guy perceives them to be further along in comfort than she does. It's like when someone calls your phone and you answer, but the caller asks who you are and its like, uhhmmm, you called me kinda thing. Like, she's saying where did this question come from as she never knew you like that or never knew you were interested...seems there was no lead in/warm up to getting to your question.

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