How to be more confident about being black?

I m black. And i know things aren t how they used to be where racism/segregation was the norm. I m glad to be alive during this time and now a days black people get good representation and have good role models to look up to. But sometimes i feel like black people(including myself) will never be as great as other races. I don t feel pretty. In online forums where people pick what type of girls they would date, black girls are always last. And that makes me feel ugly.I still sometimes hear people call black people monkeys/gorillas and go into great detail on why we look exactly like them(this was a white supremacist group so i guess they don t really count cause they are asshole to everyone whos not white lol) I have been called pretty tho, and i have long hair. When people see me on the street with my natural hair they ask me if its my real hair. they would never ask anyone else who wasn't black. It sucks to think that most people believe that black people can t have nice natural hair on their own. As if all we wear is weave. I've seen a couple of videos online of people bashing black people. I don't know if they are trolling but they go on to talk about how we don't speak "white" which i guess to them means proper and how we stink. I don't want to feel bad about my race because i know black people who are confident but i just don't feel the same. maybe its just me?


sorry about any grammar or spelling mistakes i just got up and felt like asking this

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  • Mark
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Yôu just hav to look in your Mirror

    every singl day & tell yourself how

    skin-color is truly only skin-dp my

    dude !! !!


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  • 4 weeks ago

    You can't really teach confidence. It just comes naturally when the time is right. Even lots of people who act super confident aren't confident deep down. Like those typical annoying loud aggressive Black women who act like their poop don't stink.

    I'm Mexican man and what helped me gain my confidence is getting a cute girlfriend who thinks I'm cute and sexy. Obviously though, no one is 100% confident all the time, it's human nature.

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