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What disorder/condition does this sound like?

So, I would like to know what this description of how I feel sounds like to be more easily diagnosed when I get to a psychologist.

I feel very scared and fear for my life all the time. I feel as if someone is going to kill me, my family, or anyone close to me wherever I go. I feel like someone is plotting against me and I m blind to it. I m scared, sometimes I have trouble sleeping due to it. I am never relaxed, I constantly have a voice in my head telling me that I am going to be killed and punished for all my sins, or that people important to me are going to get hurt. It scares me so much I s*lf h*rm to try to numb the pain. I ve had mental breakdowns because of this and I live my life and fear. Any questions will be answered, what does this sound like?

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    Sounds like anxiety. Panic attacks/general anxiety. I have general anxiety but mine gets triggered from work. Although I will have anxiety over literally anything in the book...  (getting work done, going to the store, making a phone call, going to the bank, making sure I know where my phone/cat is.) if work is stressful, my anxiety is worse. You might have a trigger or might not. It's good you're going to see a psychologist. However, I had to have a psychiatrist and psychologist. Psychologist for therapy, psychiatrist for anti-anxiety medications (xanax, valium, lexapro, buspirone). While therapy seriously helps, just keep in mind you might need both.

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