why doesn't the power rangers all stars game have jungle fury or ninja storm?

They were some of my favorite seasons as they had some of the coolest suits. Ninja storm especially had a pretty cool mega zord. Luckily the game has Wild Force and Mystic Force as those were great too. I kinda hope they update the game to include them. It's called all stars, so you'd think they'd include all of the seasons. Just remembered turbo, time force and light speed rescue are missing too 


Totally forgot Lost Galaxy...i think that's all. I kinda feel like such a power rangers nerd, but I grew up with them. Power rangers was one of the coolest kids shows 

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    Probably because they only used a small number of teams, and wanted to keep it vaired. Jungle Fury would not have been included because they already decided to use Wild Force, and they're quite similar.

    The game includes:

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    Wild Force


    Mystic Force

    Operation Overdrive




    Super Megaforce

    Dino Charge

    Which means the game actually DOESN'T include:

    Alien Rangers



    In Space

    Lost Galaxy

    Lightspeed Rescue

    Time Force

    Ninja Storm

    Dino Thunder

    Jungle Fury

    Super Ninja Steel

    Beast Morphers

    OR the movie alternate universe

    They used less than half because they didn;t want to overload the game with more and more VERY similar teams.

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      Makes sense I guess, though I believe they just added in space. I also believe they have ninja steel too. Still an alright game i guess. 

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