How can I be a better friend?

I’m a 21 year old man and in the fall I became friends with a 48 year old woman. She’s a customer of mine at my store I work at. Anyhow, basically we are on social media together and she’s always asking me to hang out with her. And give her rides in my sports car places. I do like her, and we communicate, mostly by text, everyday. We’ve had coffee a few times. But she really likes me and thinks I’m awesome. And she wants me to be more of a real friend to her. I have friends my age I hang out with, girls I’m dating, etc. I don’t really have time for this lady but I do like and care about her. What should I do?? Side note: she lives with an abusive boyfriend. Physically and verbally. So I steer clear of visiting her apartment, etc. so that’s why I don’t want to pick her up or whatever. Funny thing is, she does have a crush on me. A major one. Just to throw it out there. Might be important.

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  • Nicey8
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    4 weeks ago

    Hi. Please keep your distance from her and hint to her that you two can only be casual friends. She is too old to be suitable for you. Most likely, she is unlikely to give birth if you two get married.

    Please be very careful. Do not let your heart rule over your mind. Keep cool and stay away from her and just keep a distance from her. She is hurt and maybe using you as a substitute for her boyfriend.

    Draw boundaries.

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