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Is 5 ft 3 inches for a guy too short and I should just stay single?

I don't know why but women seem really picky when it comes to a guy's height.  I could care less about a woman's height.  I've never had a girlfriend growing up and I don't think I will, my mom thinks I probably will never get a girlfriend or be married because I'm so short for a I guess I already fail because most women don't like short men.


Tom Cruise and Mark Wahlberg are not short, they're average height, average height doesn't mean you are short, it's just average height.

Update 2:

@Edwena, I'm not attracted to only a certain race of women, that's limiting don't you think?

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    < I could care less about a woman's height >

    Typical short guy response.

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  • Edwena
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    4 weeks ago

    You should find yourself a smaller woman. The smaller women are in southeast Asia, such as Thailand or the Philippines.  Look up the dating-match making sites on the internet, join a good agency and make contact with various girls that you find interesting.   You will be surprised at the prize you are.   Find one who is educated and speaks English fairly well.  With those qualities, she would have few problems adapting to the USA.   Check into the K1 visa process to learn the immigration process.  

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Some of the most confident guys in the world (Tom Cruise, Marky Mark) are short and a lot I know personally are too. So why aren't you? Have you seen the amount of short famous men who date models who are way taller than them?

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