Is it possible to route/transmit/stream audio from my PC through my USB Bluetooth to my Bluetooth earbuds?

I want the onboard audio of my pc to transmit/broadcast/stream through my Bluetooth it stands my Bluetooth USB adapter is recognized as an external audio device and in order to hear anything the PC is outputting I have to set the bluetooth adapter as the primary audio handler and I don't want to use it as the default audio device because my pc has a soundcard that processes audio far more superior than the Bluetooth adapters I'm wondering if it's possible to use my PC's audio which is equipped with a soundblaster xfi titanium hd soundcard and use my Bluetooth adapter to stream all audio to my Bluetooth earbuds

Bluetooth adapter - avantree dg60

Bluetooth earbuds - Razer hammerhead BT

Windows 7 64 bit home premium

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  • 4 weeks ago

    No, not in the way you are describing.

    Bluetooth is a purely digital system and the PC audio will either be routed to that, OR to the sound card.

    The only signal degradation is then due to the bluetooth audio lossy compression, which is unavoidable if you use bluetooth audio, regardless of the source...

    The sound card is converting to analog, at which point the audio quality starts to degrade anyway; largely dependant on the motherboard and PSU electrical noise levels.

    If you have a good Bluetooth adapter that uses the Widcomm or similar drivers, you should be able to set a default audio device while there is no bluetooth audio device connected, then another with bluetooth audio working.

    It should then auto-switch when a bluetooth audio device connects and revert to the sound card when it disconnects - that's what my machines do.

    For info, the best possible audio path is to get it out of the PC in digital form, either S/PDIF or HDMI audio, and use a totally external audio system.

    Or digital via USB to a music production grade audio interface.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    yes ofcourse. As long as they are both bluetooth devices that could detect each other they can hook up

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