Please help me in converting this 3D diagram into 2D from front side. Please draw the answer on a paper.?

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  • 1 month ago

    1--Left end, concentric circle edge around hole

    2--Right end, sloped line from half way along distance from center of hole to half the height of block, then straight down, three quarters of the way of the length from the hole.  

    3--At far right end, vertical end all the way up.

    4--horizontal line connecting the bend in #2 and far right edge so that it is forming a rectangle with bottom edge line and the two vertical lines.

    I taught 2D and 3D computer drafting in college for years.  Laser optics designer, tooling design.  hemispherical theater show graphics photographer, electronics manufacturing engineer.

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  • qrk
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    1 month ago

    Key words to look up:

    Isometric drawing (3D-like view)

    Orthographic drawing (multiple 2D views)

    There are many tutorials on the Web explaining how this works. I suggest you learn from these tutorials or your course material as this concept is very basic. Giving you the answer won't help you learn the concepts. Doing the exercise is a very good way to learn this concept.

    One other concept you need to look up is first (what I call rolling) and third (what I call bathtub) angle projections. Depending which country you live in determines which projection is commonly used. Your orthographic drawing should conform to the projection commonly used in your country or used in your course.

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