Strep B uti?

So about a year ago I got symptoms of a uti. After being treated for uti 3 times but the symptoms still persisting Dr told me it was probably IC. I refused to believe that because this was the first time ever having bladder issues and I was only 19 at the time so I continued to research. After 1 year and about 5 different doctors, a new Dr. discovered it was... a uti.. BUT it is a strep b uti which is very uncommon and from what I’ve read a difficult bacteria to treat. They say ampicillin works best to cure the bacteria but after a round of that it’s back and it came back full force with all those bad uti symptoms. :( the ampicillin helped to calm the symptoms a bit but didn’t make them go away completely. I go to the Dr. again in a few days. It while I’m waiting I would like to see if anyone has any experience in getting this bacteria treated? Also I would like to add I am not and nor have I ever been pregnant. And this is not a vaginal/bowel infection this is a urinary tract infection. So far googling treatment only comes up for pregnant women treating strep b in their vaginas cause it can hurt the baby. But mine is different because it is a UTI. So if you have any experience or even just heard or have an idea on how to treat this/relieve symptoms or you’re experience with it whether you were cured or not I would like to hear it! Thank you (:

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i would just talk to your doctor about it

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