What’s a good gaming router to replace an Xfinity Cable Provider one?

So, Im gonna get Xfinity Internet soon but I wanna get my own router first so I can use that insert of theirs, they charge too much for equipment... So I plan on using it for gaming, web browsing, etc... I do plan on having multiple devices connected(~8/9), got a big family lol but devices connected will me smartphones and 2 laptops+my PC for gaming. My budget is $100-$250. I want something fast and reliable for the entire family.

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  • Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    you should talk to them first. they require you use their modem, so the fee for that may not go away.

    otherwise, look for a router with Gigabit speeds.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Don't get a "gaming" router. These are usually overpriced (just because they have "gaming" in the name) and often don't really work much better than a non-gaming router. A few years ago I bought a Netgear R6400 (I'm not sure if it still on sale) for about $110 at Target. I replaced an aging Belkin router with it and it worked much better than the old one.

    Something like this would probably be very good for home use: https://www.amazon.com/Linksys-Dual-Band-Wireless-... maybe even overkill.

    Just make sure that you put it in a central location in your house for the best Wi-Fi signal. If you put it in a corner in your house, it won't work that well if you're too far away.

    • Edwin4 weeks agoReport

      Im looking for something that can handle multiple devices connected, streaming(Netlfix,Hulu,etc), gaming, web browsing etc. I was wondering if I buy a router do I need a modem as well? Or will the modem just do fine? Im thinking of going with Netgear if you have any great choices.

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