can supercars or hypercars beat f1 cars?

please take note that it could be any kind of supercars or hypercars or even upgraded and tunning cars.

if you think that among the existing supercars or hypercars there is no any car that can to do it please explain why,and please mention that if these cars get upgrade and their power and abilities increased could they do it,how much of tunning and How much reinforcement is needed for a supercar or hypercar to defeat racing f1 cars?

for example if a lamborghini aventador or another supercar or hypercar such as pagani huyara or bugatti veyron or any other of this kind of cars can't to beat f1 cars normally how much of upgrade they need to can to do that,like their power or any other thing.

and final example if the power of lamborghini aventador increase(for example over 1000 hp or more) and increase it's abilities could it to do that,and for all of other supercars or hypercars.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    On a straightaway, F1 cars are not the fastest.  On a track, it smokes every vehicle on earth.

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