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Trying to look up / remember a Children s poem I read in the past?

I am trying to look up / remember a poem I read in the past (20+ years ago, from a library in England)

It was an illustrated "Childrens poems" book and there was a poem called "the shadow man" or "the night/wind/nowhere man" - something along those lines. I remember loving the poem and small illustration but can only remember the last line;

"So if you see the ....(shadow/night man).... Let him in, let him in, let him in" 

It was a positive poem, being aimed ay children, so it was not sinister in any way as the name could suggest.

Very vague i know, but I have trawled the interent for answers to no avail, so thought I would give it a shot here. Would mean so much to find it.


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    Frozen Man  ?

    When the frozen man

    comes to the door,

    let him in,

    let him in,

    let him in.

    If so it's by Kit Wright

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      I like the poem,  Thanks for mentioning it.  It's a pleasant reminder of a good  memory..  In the US, that doesn't happen anymore.  Most ppl wouldn't even open their door let alone offer shelter to a stranger.  Thanks again.........  

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