do you think that a supercar or hypercar can to match up with a f1 car?

by hello to everybody,i must to mention that i really look like to know that some supercars or hypercars would be able to be competitor of racing cars (even f1 cars?!)

this is more like a challenge,but i really like to know that some kind of supercars or hypercars that are very fast and cool too,would be able to race and even challenge formula one cars?

and i would like to know that if these super or hypercars get upgrade and their ability get increased by tunning and upgrading could they do that and be even faster and quicker than f1 cars?

i how these explains could help you and please take notice and explain all of you're answers and ideas.

thanks very very much.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    There is a saying in racing "Know your distance!".

    On the right track a VW bug can out run a f-1 racer. But on the wrong track the VW bug would not make the first lap before being lapped by a f-1 race car.

    Right now the limiting factor for f-1 is the driver, if technology was allowed to advance based on a single car on the track at a time, no doubt the state of the art f-1 car would be much faster then it is now.

    I am not going to do a lot of research on this, but I would suggest finding track speeds at which F-1 cars race and IMSA prototypes race. Compare GT-4 cars with F-1 cars for lap speed. While not the top of the heap GT-4 cars are pretty exotic and I suspect comparable. IMSA has a European counter part and as such will have a greater chance of these two different racing classes running on the same track.

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    4 weeks ago

    No even close. Old Top Gear had an F1 car (not even a current one), round it's track in 55sec. Hypercars like the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari Enzo, lambos etc were 1 min 10-20.  That's a huge margin for one lap of a small track.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    F1 cars are not built for the real world and would soon be in pieces driving down a typical road or interstate highway. Real cars can take on all sorts of real world driving conditions and survive. Rain, ice, snow, potholes, high curbs, fender benders, business entrances that are poorly matched to the streets and lower profile cars bottom out, and so on. Even a small rock would blow a tire on a race car at speed. 

    Clandestine suicide machines are any clunker you buy for $500 and spend $100K putting a state of the art suspension and engine and transmission and roll cage on it. No one is the wiser that it can do 150 MPH and corner like an F1 because it looks like an anonymous clunker. 

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