In the anime Nichijou, what is the Japanese phrase that is translated as "what the heck?" It sounds like da-yu-ka-to or da-yu-ka-ta.?

In the final episode, there are two parts where characters exclaim something that the subtitles translate as "what the heck?" and in both instances it sounds like da-yu-ka-to or da-yu-ka-ta. Could somebody tell me what exactly they are saying in romaji, what its typical context/usage is, and what it means literally in Japanese?

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  • 1 month ago
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    I think, you're talking about "dō iu koto" phrase. Literally it translates as "what do you mean", but in conversation it's usually used to express surprise, so often subbers transalte it as "what the heck", "what's going on" etc.

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