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what can you do when you miss calibre's of the likes of the late peter cushing?

the late peter cushing was my favourite british actor and thespian, he was too great for this world, so charming and a gentle man who loved his wife helen..there's no one around now of the likes of peter cushings calibre or class...he was from a golden bygone era, truly.

most people who are prominent now seem to be stupid snowflakes who are worthless.i was just watching an old peter cushing interview from the mid 80's and really do miss him and his ilk.cushing was one man who makes me proud to be british and i sorely miss him.any thoughts?

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  • mokrie
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    2 months ago
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    I'm in the USA and I have to agree with you totally. Our equivalent of Peter Cushing was Jimmy Stewart. A true gentleman that loved his wife and stayed far away from the alcohol and drug fueled world of Hollywood. Although I have to admit a British accent makes Peter Cushing more elegant.

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