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Why do I always have to reset my Wi-Fi adapter?

For several months now, my laptop has had this problem where it disconnects from the internet at random times out of nowhere.

What always happens it, suddenly, the computer performs very erratically for about 10 seconds. Audio would be glitchy, and the cursor will freeze on and off very quickly. After that is over, the Internet settings will say I am connected but no internet.

I used to go to device manager and reset the WiFi adapter. Then I switched to using the Windows Troubleshooter, which isn't helpful because it does the exact same thing, which is resetting the WiFi adapter for me. When it's done the result it always returns is: "The default gateway is not available: Fixed"

And so the problem will be fixed only to happen again later. The time it happens again varies. Sometimes it happens again a few minutes later, and sometimes several hours later or even several days later. But it is gradually starting to happen more often.

I've tried:

1. Uninstalling and reinstalling WiFi adapter

2. Updating the drivers, in which it says there are no updates available/up to date

3. Downloading Intel Driver and Support Assistant which also says drivers up to date

4. Resetting IP address settings, flushing DNS cache, and resetting winsock catalog via cmd

5. Restarting the laptop also works but it will just happen again later, so I usually don't bother.

6. I have even reinstalled Windows 10

Info:Windows 10 Home v. 1903

WiFi adapter: Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265


The router is not the problem. I have very good range as my room is very close to the router. This does not happen with any other device in my house. I sometimes check when I'm disconnected and all of my many other devices are still connected no problem.

Devices even further away from the router work good as well. I have tried updating drivers but like I've said it says they are already up to date. I was considering getting a new laptop but perhaps I will get a USB WiFi adapter?

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  • VP
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    4 weeks ago


    Your laptop's Wi-Fi adapter is dying and you'll need to find a replacement soon.  Not a big deal... just get a USB Wi-Fi dongle and you're back in business.  Just remember to disable the internal Wi-Fi adapter before using the new one.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Instead of resetting your laptop, try resetting your router (power it down and back up), wait a couple minutes and see if your PC recovers without your intervention.  If the problem is actually your PC it may be a hardware problem?

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  • David
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    4 weeks ago

    You may be getting interference from neighbouring wireless signals.

    1)Change the broadcast channel on the router to channel to a less congested one than the current. You can download netstumbler or inssider (google them) and they will display the broadcast channels of any neighbouring wifi networks

    2)Turn off any baby alarms cordless phones wireless doorbells as these use the same 2.4Ghz frequency

    3)Update the firmware of the router and drivers for your PC/laptop

    4)if you are at the limits of the wifi range consider a wifi mesh system or moving closer to the router

    5) Poor quality router and/or wifi adapter. This is especially true of ISP supplied routers


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