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My parents tell me I can’t see certain family they dislike but their friends do horrible things. So how do I get them to see the hypocrisy?

One friend had an affair with a married man. Another couple strongly supports immoral behavior. Lastly two you ladies they know are guilty of very malicious gossip.

All these people they are fine with but I’m instructed to be enemies with my uncle’s ex-wife, my mother’s aunt and all her family, and my Mom’s sister most of all. Yet I’m supposed to love my siblings one of whom is hard to like.

How can I get them to see the hypocrisy? Respectfully.

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    Just wondering how old you are. If you're 18 years or older, you can do whatever you like. You're asking how to respectfully get your parents to recognize their hypocrisy. However, you do realize that they aren't being very respectful of your wishes or feelings.

    As much as your parents don't want you to associate with certain people who are their relatives, you realize that those people are also your relatives. Do what you want.

    There is no way to tip toe around this issue. Either way, someone's going to be upset. You should do what you want.

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    just explain it to them

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    You can't change the mind of a hypocrite. They are blind to it which makes them a hypocrite.

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