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do you know that usa supported dictators like suahrot and pinochet?

sadddam killed commies like comrade navycrab too for oil was attacked, saddam was a socialist arab arab socialism is like nazi then pinocher was nto atatcked beacuse did us interests

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    Did you steal my towel, Luigi Mohamed?

    Is that my towel on your head? Give it back to me.

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    Hitler and stalin the USA funded hitler from 1924.

    Prescott Bush Purchased Methyl Ethel lead 500 tons from the UK and sold to the Luftwaffe in 1939 No Fuel No Luftwaffe

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    you should be happy the US didn't attack pinochet, he was a facsist just like you.

  • wowser
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    9 months ago

    Yes I am well aware of that. Are you aware that Allende committed suicide by shooting himself in the back with an M-60 machinegun

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    thank you for sharing very cool.

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