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I can see my epiglottis, is that normal?

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    Most people can not see the Epiglottis.  Only a small group of people are able to see the tip if they are able to open their throat enough and stick out their tongue completely.  I think most people confuse the Epiglottis which is what closes the Trachea during swallowing so food does not enter the lungs; to the uvula which is that little dangler in the back of your throat that lifts up during swallowing to stop food from moving upwards into the nasal cavity. It is also the part that thrusts forward when the doctor makes you say "aahhh" with his tongue depressor.  It is also possible that they are seeing the tonsils as well.  I can feel my own Epiglottis open and close when I press on my Adam's Apple so I think it's fair to say that the mechanism is located behind and therefore far too low for me to see with a mirror and the naked eye.

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    1 month ago

    Yes, everyone can. Your epiglottis visible just by opening your mouth and saying "Aaaarrrr". That's what doctors do to see the health of your throat.

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    Not from the outside.

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