Using obs studio with only PS4 and netbook?

I'm trying to get all the bells and whistles for my twitch and I only have a PS4 and a netbook (low power laptop, but it's brand new). I stream directly to my PS4 now .

I had some overlays and panels designed for me. I plan on getting a gaming PC in the future but for now this is my set up .

How can I make this work ??

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You would need a video capture card or dongle to do anything useful with OBS and your PS4.

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    • Eric4 weeks agoReport

      Sorry if it was confusing , I just want to be able to use overlays and panels and such. But I don't have a gaming PC . If there is a way. And I meant off my PS4  just because I don't have a gaming PC 

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