Mac can light randomly turned on? Am I being stalked?

So I've had my Mac laptop for maybe 3 years. Ive never had any need to use the FaceTime except recently I began taking a class online and the proffesor turns the app on and I watch the lecture through her computer. However I never turn my camera on (because I'm usually in pjs with no bra lol) and I occasionally turn on my sound if I need to ask a question. But last night I was working on homework and my husband says "why is your camera on?". I said it's not and he said "look at the light" and the camera light was green which means it's seeing me. It super freaked me out to the point that I turned my laptop off and emailed my professor from my phone and said I couldn't finish the homework in time and that I would get it submitted soon and she understood. What could be the cause of this? I haven't check it today because I'm freaked out. Thanks guys 

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Once audio gets turned on, the camera turns on automatically with some laptops. There should be a setting to stop that from happening. Open the enclosed Dell link.

    for example. Your computer is not haunted, lol

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