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why do you americans hate karl marx?

I am not a communist or leftist, my is a simple question.only some rebels kids in usa love him, however don't tell me bernie sanders sia marxist beacsue democratci socialism is a revisionism of marxism

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    he was a philosopher who wrote some things that ended up having a lot more influence on world events than he would probably have ever thought possible

    most people today don't hate or love him.  he's taught in a lot of schools because they teach about all the old thinkers that came up with famous ideas, whether anybody today agrees with them or not, and he's in there with the rest of them

    people either love or hate him because of what his name became later; the hood ornament on an international communist movement, that you may have heard of.

    personally i think he was right about some things where capitalism is concerned, but ultimately he didn't have any better economic answers

    i think a lot of the hatred you get, from some people, actually comes from fear.  the communists were a pretty big concern for a long time.  it was thought back in the 30s and 40s and 50s that there was a danger it could take root here

    and maybe it could have.  but we headed it off here by addressing a lot of the economic injustices that would have fueled such a movement otherwise.  prosperity from the war obviously helped a lot too of course

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The answer is simple - "we Americans don't hate Karl Marx."  We have better things to do than hate dead people.

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  • 1 month ago

    Marxism is highly flawed even at the theoretical level. It assumed that labor is a substitutable commodity, differentiated only by the wages each one earns. And that is of course about as dumb as any Econ 101 student would tell you. You can't substitute a plumber for a brain surgeon (at least I wouldn't want to do that).

    Let me cite a practical reason why Marxism doesn't work. I was once the Sovietologist for a small think tank when I ran across this little gem:

    Seems there was a nail manufacturing factory near Irkutsk on Lake Baikal. As per usual, the Politburo came out with its annual production plan and the factory was given so-many metric tonnes of nails to produce and distribute for the fiscal year. And also as per usual, as an incentive, the factory would be able to go on vacation as soon as that metric tonnes quota was met.

    Time went by and in early November that year, the factory closed down and sent everyone off on a long paid vacation. Two months paid vacation. Hey, that factory management is clearly in line for the Lenin Prize for excellence and supporting the Communist Ideal.

    But wait...Igor and Dmitri, have each submitted a complaint to the local Communist cell that they are unable to get roof nails to finish their construction project. They were not in stock. And the Irkutsk warehouse didn't have any either. So the construction projects didn't get finished that year as it had been planned.

    What happened?

    What happened was this. The factory manager, being really swift of mind, saw that his goal was in metric tonnes. And there was no mention as to metric tonnes of what, other than nails. So he put the entire quota into railroad ten inch spikes, the kind we see fastening down the rails of railroads.

    And there were lots of those ten-inch spikes in the factory's warehouse. But not one tack, not one brad, not one roof nail. You see, in true Marxian manner, the factory manager assumed that all nails were commodities and substitutable. And by producing those spikes, he and his factory were able to reach their quota early and take a much deserved early vacation in recognition of its acknowledging the Marx economic model.

    Source(s): Former Sr. Reserach Associate with a think tank near Stanford U.
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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    A socialist  wants everything that you have except your job. 

    Marxism doesn't work.  Look at how many country's that followed and failed.   

    Denmark is not a socialist country. 

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    • oldprof
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      I espouse social-capitalism.  Simply stated, it's capitalism where the means to producing essential goods and services are regulated to ensure that everyone has affordable access to those essential goods and services.  And the capitalism part ensures that supply meets the demand.

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