Am I low on my nutrients?

For a month, I wasn’t eating good and I stopped working out and stopped going outside for the holidays. Around November, this was kinda scaring me because I wasn’t sure if it was something serious or not. So I started to eat health until one day I felt lightheaded and sick after eating and laying down right away that I got scared and kinda freaked out. It wasn’t a panic attack I was just really scared. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, after that I started feeling dizzy and lightheaded all the time. I was afraid of eating because at that time I thought it was some sort of trigger of a panicking. I wouldn’t like going outside, school was out so I spent this whole vacation in bed, I would sometimes go outside here and there but the majority I was in bed. I started to think that I was low in vitamins. I started to take iron and Omega 3 supplements and they worked! I started to get better after taking them but I still wake up tired sometimes, I have certain pains in my back and my chest. My body twitches but I soon figured out it was just from stressing myself out from all this. I still want to know if these are signs of low vitamins. I do plan on going to the doctor soon but I want to hear your opinion on this. Every close loved one I asked say that it’s just low vitamins and a muscle strain in my back and that I’ll be okay once I see the doctor.


Just a quick update. I want to note that everyday I am getting better, I still have the following symptoms

Fast heartbeat

Slight vision problems

Left side of Upper back pain

Left hand pins and needles

Muscle weakness


Dry lips

Dry eyes

Headaches or migraines

Chest muscle discomfort left side

Stomach bloating (sometimes)


Muscle cramps

Dizziness and lightheaded

Slight loss of balance

I am 19 and I am overweight

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