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How do someone become a marksman in the US military?

hi. i am Josh and i am 17 and a half y/o. since i was 6 year old i love guns, i have many sniper video games collection such as Sniper Elite 1 to 4, Battlefields 3 4 1, Modern Warfare 1 to 3 etcetera etcetera. my dad bought me a Grade 9 MOLOTOK-68 when i turn 8 year old. i went to the shooting ranges and on our ranch to shoot my 68 out in the field. i am obsessed with guns especially snipers.

i think i can do it because i have very great steady aim in sniper video games and in real life on far distant objects, i also have a lot of patients. i bet i could compete with a experience marksman if i had the chance. 

i feel like i am only qualify to be a marksman in my life career. i want to be able deploy on missions to shoot real enemies from afar distant for my enjoyment fun versus on objects or fake people on a video games.

1. how would i become a marksman and where do i begin?

2. what sniper will the US military start me out on?

3. where would i deploy at as a novice marksman and how will i progress up to be able to deploy in more action area combat/?

Can a real US marksman active or former answer plz. thank you in advanced.

-max stars to the best person that provide the best accurate information.

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    First,, forget the video games,,, they don't count,,, they mean nothing,,, like the BB gun game at the county fair where you win a teddy bear for your girlfriend,,, they are games,,, it doesn't matter how good you are at the game it means nothing in real life.

    Second,,, " i want to be able deploy on missions to shoot real enemies from afar distant",,,, that's a red flag,, the military frowns on people that wish to enlist because they want to kill people,,, mention that to a recruiter and you'll be disqualified.

    Third,, the U.S. Army has three designations for marksman,, at least the did when I was in,, Marksman, Sharpshooter and Expert,,, pretty much everyone that can hit a target gets a Marksman badge,,, it's nothing special.

    Sniper is an MOS that you have to go to school for,, there is far more to it than being able to shoot a rifle, it actually involves quite a bit of mathematics,,

    And finally,,, a certain level of education is required to become a sniper,,, your English is atrocious,, I would suggest you concentrate on your schoolwork instead for now,, try to bring your grades up.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    First you have to pass basic training. There you have to qualify with a rifle. If you do really well then they might discuss making you a sniper. There is more to it than just shooting a gun however, you have to be very fit and pass all the parts of the class, such as how to hide.

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  • Anonymous
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  • Ana
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    1 month ago

    Join the army in the sniper battalion

    Talk to an US army recruiter they’ll be able to best set you up with options.

    However don’t sign anything until you’ve looked at the package of what they’re offering, researched it, and decided if it’s what you want to do

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  • 1 month ago

    Being a Marksman is easy just Hitting the Target into a Group of 15 rounds made a Marksman in the RAF and Got Paid 6 pennies a day

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    This is something you’ll want to look to the Army for specifically. Marksman is a step below the title of Sharpshooter.

    The path to get there begins like any other, you’ll be a recruit and work your way up. My best recommendation is to find a US army recruitment center and let them know your goals. I’m sure they can give you the best and most up to date guidance, and maybe even some pointers for what to work on now to make you shine during marksman training.

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