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mya asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 2 months ago

Advice would really help x ?

Hello, so I am in college at the moment studying animal care, I have a level 2 in Public services already but I was thinking about studying level 3 next year but I want to join the Army as a dog handler. A good few months ago i went for a meeting at a Army reserve place and had a full chat with someone there. He told me I have the qualifications to apply, and that he would be happy for me to go forward with it. My granddad was really ill at the time and sadly he passed in October so I didn't go forward with it. I am in a situation now where it is the right time to apply again, I do feel ready. I am 18 in May, and i finish this course in June/July. Do I stay in education until in 19? Or do i at least finish the rest of this course? College really inst my thing, and I have always wanted to join the army. I really dont imagine my self going University at all, which is what my family want me to do. My mum is so supportive of this choice and wants me to do whatever makes me happy. My mum lives alone, she has my nan but it has always been me and my mum at home and i feel so guilty for leaving. I dont want to make the wrong choice and apply now and leave everything behind but then part of me thinks its the right choice. Any advice would really help, thank you. 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    You do not need any college credits to be a dog handler. Stay in college, get a degree and see if the Army will pay you to go to vet school. Then you can join and take care of all the dogs.

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