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Can using an AUX extension cable ever damage your headphones' audio?

If you stop using the AUX extension cable, will the headphones' audio be perfectly fine?


Ghost of Christmas Past, Thanks for your answer. I'm not sure if you know I meant one of those extension leads that you buy for AUX to make your headphones/speakers reach further. I was wondering if using one of them with your headphones can damage your headphones audio by altering it. 

Update 2:

spacemissing, Hi. Well I don't know how headphones work so I just wanted someone who knew more about them to explain. I didn't know if you connect a poor quality AUX extension cable to your headphones' AUX cable, whether it could permanently affect the sound of the headphones. 

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    It will not do any harm at all.

    If it's an "aux extension" rather than a specific headphone extension, there is just a chance that the volume may be slightly lower while you are using it.

    But, that will still not do any damage.

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    Your headphone has moving parts. If too much power is fed to those parts, then damage can happen. An extension cable is passive. It does not increase the amount of power your headphone receives. If anything, it slightly decreases the power your headphone receivers because there is electrical resistance in wires. The thinner the wire, the more resistance. The resistance heats up the extension cable, and heat requires energy. So, the extension cable's resistance will cause a slight drop in the amount of electrical power going from your device to your headphone.

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  • 1 month ago

    Headphone and auxiliary cables are interchangeable in the extreme.

    Please explain how a piece of wire can damage what is connected to it.

    I REALLY want to know how this sort of idea develops.

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  • Connecting headphones to the aux socket on a sound source won't damage them. It delivers a far lower current than the headphones are designed for. That's why it's quiet and distorted. In theory, the low impedance of the headphones could damage the sound source, but modern equipment is made to be bomb proof.

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