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Broke up with my Virgo bf?

And then seeing him partying and getting drunk with this other girl.. why? I broke up with my ex because he can never be faithful to me and he just keep proving me right. He also had a fling with some hos that I knew from high school right after we broke up. I couldn’t careless because I’m with someone better but I’m just wondering.He wasn’t like this with me..unless he was but hid it it from me but he wasn’t a ho why did he turn into one? I don’t love him anymore but why do I feel angry? I don’t want to see his face ever again after he f’cked this ho I know. It’s so disrespectful of him making me look this bad to that ho that can never be as good looking and educated as me. Every guy wants me and he know this. Why would he chose to f’ck that ho over me? It’s one of the reason why I left. He chose to f’ck everyone else but me. He wants to f’ck but can never make a move because he’s scared but with other girls he can. Why? Do you think he ever cared for me? I mean it doesn’t even matter now but I just want to know.  

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  • Janet
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    Seeing as you KNOW he is a cheater, why do you hang on? You cannot let go and heal until you stop paying attention to him.

    Yes, it hurts when we break up with a guy and he goes out and replaces our warm body with a new warm body. Don't take it personally ... this is not about you, because you never WERE more than a warm body to him. And one warm body is easily exchanged with another warm body.

    You deserve a man who appreciates YOU for who YOU are. This was not this ex bf, so be happy you broke up and leave him to his own problems with women (women who are NOT you).

    Be happy. Be well. Have a good week.

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