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Keep getting sugar cravings/ junk at night ! ?

So I am trying to lose weight. About a stone (post pregnancy weight, my son is 11 months) I tend to do quite well during the day but as soon as it hits night time and especially before my time of month. I wind up feeling very depressed and crave sugar, especially coca cola (could drink a big litre bottle ) crisps and now suddenly chocolate. I'm not a huge chocolate or sweets person but lately I'm all about the sweet stuff. Like when I was pregnant I feel really only drawn to eating certain things and feel off put by others. I would make healthy meals and an hour later not want to eat it as I think it's unappetising. I'm not a bad cook either, it's just I don't want it, I want a takeaway or something instead as I know it's more satisfying. I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant again but I guess maybe my appetite from pregnancy has changed me. I quite like good flavours, korean, Thai, spices that sort of thing but I don't like fish and not keen on pork so eliminates a lot for me. I guess I'd just like some advice on how to #1. Get over my weird appetite right now and #2 cut out bad stuff 

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