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Are the Republicans scared of Trump?

Very few have criticized him and the ones that have retract it immediately and begin going back to being servants.  This is not the Donald Trump Party.  This is the Republican Party and this President has broken the law and needs to be removed from office.  Why are they defending him?  He broke the law clearly!

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    Thank you for an EXCELLENT question!

    I like to think of the Republicans as victims which is exactly what Trump has made them.

    Please remember that they NEVER wanted him as their candidate but Trump bullied his way into the nomination and rather than stand up and assert themselves they let him get away with it.....well, here you have it. 

    If the Republicans were REALLY SERIOUS about winning back Americans, they would put up Condaleeza Rice or General Colin Powell as their candidates and almost everyone in America would vote for them because of their integrity and leadership ability......oh, but they won't do that!

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    Law School 101 - When defending a client facing criminal charges, you look up to see what the law says with regards to those charges to see if they actually apply to what you client (allegedly) did.

    Start with this simple approach and 

     1) Research what laws Trump is accused of violating.

     2) Reason whether Trump's actions match what the laws says.

     3) ...

    Well, there isn't really a point in going on to number 3 since you're not likely to get past step 1.

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    I don’t know but these retarded Jews aren’t scared of Trump 

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