What do you think about nihilists, some quite strange guys with motto (in German) like “Nicht Uber Alles” – eventually “Nothing Above All”…?

(Could be eventually motto of those probably quite rational guys denying fanaticism and primacy of something over anything.)


I don’t mean anything about Mercedes, you idiot, Yahoo does! Question automatically placed there from Yahoo!

Update 2:

Phrase actually there belongs to me, and is indeed paraphrase of a famous “Germany Above All”

Update 3:

Still could be proposed as Motto for Nihilists or else

Update 4:

With its also quite different understandings 

Update 5:

Tough choice for a best answer!

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    No. Truth Above All. When all is dead and gone, Truth will remain in wait of realisation in the tangible. 

    The universe is chaos. But all that manages to exist in the universe is bound by truth. There is just truth and infinite and undefined potential. 

    We living are truth. We exist because we are true. Not because of antecedents. We exist because we were possible. 

    There is a destiny of all which ascends out of the abyss. We walk on light. Toward enlightenment. 

    We do because we are. And when we are enlightened we will make better judgments. And judgement will shape the world into paradise.

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  • P
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    They're totally meaningless.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I never heard that expression before. I think a nihilist is a potential pragmatist. You start out by saying you don't believe in truth and end up saying you believe in operating on tentative assumptions.

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  • j153e
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    4 weeks ago

    Life has meaning:  God; sunshine, rose blossoms.

    Life has no meaning:  God not perceived, sunshine and rose blossoms dismissed.

    Kant's 5-sense data and human body temple indicate pleasantness or aesthetic beauty are positive experiences.  Nihilism in one respect or another says deep down, aesthetic pleasantness, etc. are shallow, evanescent.

    Kant's 5-sense data and Categorical Imperative provide the basis or precedent for utilitarianism:  that action that is most pleasant for the most pleasantness units in a population is best.  Different metrics:  e.g., 100 pleasantness units for A, 10 units for B, may be the best outcome, even though not "egalitarian" or socialist-redistributive per some presumed ideological basis.

    Kant's Noumenon or God is by the materialist unknown.  Nihilism not only does not entertain God, but tends to illogically claim God is not, even as meaning is not.  Such psychology discounts the pleasantness reality of sunshine, rose blossoms, etc. as meaningless, when in reality human body temples prefer pleasant things.

    So nihilism denies Immanent God, discounts Kantian/utilitarian existentialism, and claims that there's no "meaning" or absolute material cognitive agency   That's truth for that position, but indicates both a lack of God-Self awareness and/or a dualism which denies rose blossoms, sunshine, etc. value. In other words, nihilism in any of its preferences is an egoism that a) lacks God-Self awareness and b) discounts Kantian body temple aesthetics/Categorical Imperative. This is a disjunction with Kantian aesthetics. Early Heidegger dealt with this in part, in terms of being ("meaning") in time (process, flow), realizing that, as both Heraclitus and Parmenides stated, there is the Logos of change in the relative, human world. For some one or another psychological reason, this tends to bring forth the position of nihilism in some humans.


    "Nihilism:  The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age;"

    "Understanding Yourself" by Mark Prophet;

    "Man, Master of His Destiny;"


    In other words, Sartre's "put on your big-person existential pants, grow up, face your limited options, and maximize your positives" ~ = Kant, Mill, Bentham, and, in a more sociological application, Hobbes, and is a step up from Eeyore the grumpy nihilist who, nonetheless, would likely whine if his hay were not provided.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Why are you asking in The MERCEDES forum dumbass? FAIL

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Nicht uber alles == nothing over all

    This is the antithesis to the famous Deutschland uber alles == Germany over all. So those nihilists are indicating a fear that Germany might once again try to conquer Europe and expand its liebensraum. It was that drive for liebensraum that drove Hitler and his cronies into doing what they did as Nazis.

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