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should i transfer high schools?

so basically i’m going to this one high school and its honestly really shitty. the teachers are terrible and the ratio of good teachers to bad is like 1:7. its an old school too so the textbooks are outdated, classrooms are trash, and a lot equipment is either old or broken. the only extracurriculars that actually help you are the sports teams and the leadership team, everything else is a literal joke. not to mention that i just,, dont really fit in there. i’m friends with basically everyone but it just doesnt feel right. i dont click with anyone apart from like 3 people.

the school i’m thinking of transferring to is newer, meaning there isnt exactly a bunch of **** falling apart like my current school. the teachers from what i’ve looked into are really good. it was #1 on the school list thingy, and a lot of the extracurriculars from what ive seen get you into the real world. one in particular is the art program there, i’m really interested in pursuing that and the school im going to rn doesnt have something like that.

the only problem is that;

a) i have to take the city bus every morning, and i’d have to transfer 2 stops each time. if i want to take the city bus it leaves at 6:30ish and thats the time i wake up right now. the travel time is 30-40 minutes every morning.

b) i’d have to write an essay to the board about why i want to transfer

c) we cant move bc i’m with a single parent so we cant afford 

is it worth the trouble?

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  • Laurie
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    1 month ago

    You would do much better to focus on studying than all the distractions you list. You'd be surprised how much better the teachers are when you work hard at being a good student.

    • maya1 month agoReport

      so should i transfer or not...?

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  • 1 month ago

    if you think it'll be better i would

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