Do you miss hip hop before the 2011s?

i grew up in the 90s and 2000s, rappers went hard in da 90s and i seen peeps wear baggy clothes and act all gangsta and that was cool, same w da 2000s ya some of the hip hop and rap music talked about sex, money, and cars and jewlery but that was only 60 percent but in da 2011s that was 97 percent of typical rap music. Atleast we had diversity it was the same beat and style of rapping over n over again like nowadays. Nowadays rappers and the songs all sound da same. Even underground and concious rap sound da same. Very generic w same beat and same topics. I remember people wearing du rags, big jerseys, baggy shorts jeans, shaved hair, that was cool. Now hip hoppers look like late 80s rap again w da skinnyjeans and tight shirts, i dont get it and i still dont get it. 

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  • Seff
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    1 month ago
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    skinny tight clothes are cooler than baggy ones. 

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