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They say guys are attracted mostly to boobs, butt, or legs. What is the equivalent for females that they're attracted to in a guy?


The theory is that boobs show fertility, butt is a primal sign and shows hip-waist ratio, and legs or feet heels are some sign of femininity or perhaps health. What are the equivalents females find in males?

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    The equivalent to a guys butt and boobs is abs, if they don’t have abs then usually arms, butt and penis. Yes we check out guys butts too. Just like guys check out butts out.

    • Joe_d
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      How would you check out a guy's penis?  Would a small 4" be a turn off??

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  • Nitro
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    1 month ago

    I can't speak for all women, but I'm attracted to a man with nice eyes and bone structure.

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