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I went from having 300+ points to 280. I also see a -16 questions. What happened to the points and what does the negative questions mean?

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    Very likely those 2 questions were reported enough times that both questions were removed from the YA display BH computer programs. You lost 1O Pont's for each question.

    The -16 questions means a total of 16 questions have been reported and removed from the YA display.

    There are no Yahoo/Verizon empoyees monitoring or moderating YA. Yahoo/Verizon does not pay employees to do that since 2014. Other YA users are who reported your questions. Technically, you can appeal the deletion of those questions BH going through the Yahoo help pages to get the to the violation appeal page. The problem is, since Verizon is NOT sending out violation notice emails for over 2 Yeats, you probably have no idea what the text of those questions were. You need that to appeal.

    Yes, it definitely sucks,almost everyone on YA agrees with that opinion , especially those of us who have had certain people targeting our questions, answers and email accounts for 10 YEARS ir longer.

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  • Daniel
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    1 month ago

    If its -16 then that means all of your Questions got Deleted If your Questions are all Still there then it could just be a Glitch with the Question Count

    If your Points have Recently Dropped Did you Ask Questions ? If so the Points may not have Collected and it could be a Sign that they may be working on Fixing the Bug

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I lost over 3000 questions in one day. No one reports that many questions. I'm still in negative numbers. That also affects my best answer percentage.

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