Does One Piece get intense later on? ?

I am currently where Luffy's team is on the island with two giants fighting each other with some of the Baroque Works members hunting down Luffy and some of his team members and the princess that they need to escort.

I am enjoying the anime so far and plan on still watching it, but I wondered if the anime will get more serious and dramatic later on? 

So far all the enemies have been the same power hungry stereotype villain and few of them stood out. Will there be enemies with their own unique goals, deep backstories and epic fighting abilities like the Akatsuki from Naruto and Espada from Bleach? And are there antagonists like Madara and Aizen that makes your jaw drop with their abilities and intellect? 

So far the most serious part has been Nami's backstory with Arlong. Will it still get as deep and emotional or even more than Nami's story? 

Like I said, I still enjoy the anime and don't plan on dropping it, but there haven't been any moments that really kept me on the edge of my seat and making me anxious about what will happen next. 

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  • Sean
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    3 weeks ago

    The casualty rates will go up. It is not clear that in the future Luffy will stop with beating his opponents senseless and at least on character will become prominent who has no inhibitions about killing the dangerous, the obstructive or possibly merely tiresome.

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  • YES! You are currently on the Little Garden Arc which is only a few episodes but what comes after are the Drum Island Arc and the Alabasta Arc which are amazing! After these Arcs there are some filler episodes so stick with it because One Piece gets so much better after these small side stories.

    As much as I want to go into detail about every character you encounter thereafter and talk about their abilities, I don't want to spoil any of the upcoming Arcs so telling you what the villains abilities are or their backstorys wouldn't be fun, you have to watch it for yourself and then judge. But I will say that some of the villains will tie into future character motivations and the story of One Piece which will leave you jaw dropped!

    There will absolutely be even more serious and heart-wrenching backstories then Nami with Arlong but you have to keep watching and judge for yourself because some will say character x had it worse than character y. Each member of the Straw Hat Pirates has their own emotional story that will play out as you watch as the crew continues to advance further into the Grand Line.

    I watch both Sub and Dub so I am all up to date with the current story Arc of One Piece and have never stopped loving it!

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It does get more intense and the villains get more interesting, but keep in mind that the arcs just keep getting longer and you may run out of patience at some point. That’s what happened to me, towards the middle of the enies lobby arc I just stopped it’s been 3 years I think since I gave up, I might continue at some point tho. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Each Straw Hat crew members has a terrible sad back story. Nami, her's was the first to be told. The girls of the crews seems to have a much more terrible fate then the boys. Most of the villains are power hungry. Some of them already obtain powers and are just abusing it. The Straw Hat crews are not really pirates even though that's what they call themselves. They are more like Vigilante, fighting evil where ever they go. The Straw Hats doesn't level up until they meet their second female crew member. It does get intense but the episode also drags like Dragonball Z.

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