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What can i do if im an adult with seriously low self esteem because my mom verbally abuses me?

Some background is that my parents were both narcissists full of anger and i was scared of my dad my whole life and was selectively mute around him (i couldnt talk hardly at all if he was in hearing range).

Now fast forward to today i am in my 20s and female and living with my single mom. She is a narcissist and verbally abuses me and does physical neglect by refusing to buy me food and pay for me to do my laundry even though i have a small poor paying job which she knows i cant afford to move out with my small job yet she wants me to spend my money on food and laundry when she is pretty much rich and is just doing this to abuse me.

Anyway i am trying to get a better jobs and leave ASAP. Its not easy to get a job for some reason. I am applying to fast food and higher jobs and i have a college education so im at my wits end.

Anyway i was always scared and shy my whole life. If i was abused by peers verbally i would hope they stopped but never stand up or tell anyone.

Thats the kind of person i was / am.

I have NO friends and my family members are in another country/many dont speak my language and so arent close to me, or they are estranged from me and i havent spoken to them in years ad years.

I have asked this question in different ways many times on here and usually i get the "move out/get a job" advice. Im already trying that. I need better advice because i have no self esteem or boundaries and words do hurt no matter if everyone says "just ignore it or get over it."

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    i would just move out anyways even if you have to stay in a shelter

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