What is wrong with me?? Please help!!?

Okay I want to say that 10 years ago I had gastric bypass surgery and was very successful. I went from 316 to 145. Now 5 years ago I had a tooth pulled and part of the bone in my sinuses was fused together and also came out. I thought everything healed and a few weeks later I got a sinus infection that took almost 6 weeks to go away, you would think I linked the two together but I didn't. Busy stay at mom of 2 boys under 4. I had my own business and worked from home and thought it would be cool to invite my girlfriends down to have a detox wrap party, a friend of mine hosting,  put it long story short (infection in my bone in my jaw got pulled into the blood stream) I ended in going kinda crazy and put into a chemical induced coma for 6 days, I was told by doctors that they really didn't know what happened besides I had swelling in the brain and it wasn't bacterial, so they suggested viral meningitis. I didn't except that.......but now 5 years later I'm suffering so bad, I've been diagnosed with pmdd but it's never ending,  I can't work from home anymore and in the workplace I've seen 3 drs since the onset all think I'm lying, and I'm not. I want to be normal again.......any suggestions???

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  • 1 month ago

    I don't know what's causing your medical problems, but i do sense a possible problem with the way you are communicating with your doctors, if you talk to them the same way you wrote this question.  Your question melds together your occupation, weight loss that happened 10 years ago, your family composition, description of a tooth extraction that caused major complications,the number of doctors you have seen, and an invitation to a party.  Not a single one of these topics helps to determine what's bothering you.   You didn't actually describe any symptoms, so there is no way a doctor can help you with a problem described this way.  The only thing you mention that  seems to relate to your medical complaints is PMDD, but that 's a self-diagnosis and not a description of symptoms.  

    So, if you want help, do this very simple thing: make a list of the symptoms that are bothering you; then create a column that describes how often the symptoms occur, and make a note of which symptoms occur at the same time.  That will at least help the doctor focus on the medical problems that are bothering you and hopefully make it much easier to diagnose your problems.  Do not present the doctor with your own self-diagnosis - that is rarely helpful and it often sends the doc down the wrong path if they have nothing else to go on. 

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