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What should I do?

So what does it mean when a guy says he loves u and will come see u tomorrow! And then the next day u inbox him twice and he reads the messages but doesn’t reply and then blocks u!!! And then he tells your homegirl that he doesn’t wanna **** with u no more than the next day he unblocks u but still hasn’t inboxed u

4 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    It means he's a liar, i guess.

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  • 2 months ago

    What he means OR OTHER PEOPLE mean by it IS NEVER IMPORTANT... that you waste time "pondering and dwelling" is A BIG MISTAKE.

    Dating Sites, Tinder and Other People, DO NOT really care about your Happiness and Comfort.  Date Sites want your MONEY and don't care if you are single and lonely.  The longer YOU ARE, the more Time and Money they make off of you.  Tinder could care less that you are a guy, girl or somewhere in between.  They make money because YOU USED them, no matter how many times you get Used or Burned or Broken Hearted.

    You want to improves your chances?  

    Learn to meet people face to face.  Learn and PRACTICE Conversions.

    When you make LIFE all about you... Nobody cares. 

    When you make Life about the people around you, 

    everyone tends to enjoy your company. 

    Anything and Everything you want to Change or Improve about 

    yourself will require PRACTICE. 

    There are many many things school taught you that you (most people) 

    will NEVER use in real Life. You probably realize this by now. 

    The solution to your problem/dilemma is simple. 

    Depending on your personality, it may NOT be EASY, 

    but it's still Simple. 






    PRACTICE is just a way to LEARN to get better. 

    (High School / College / New Town / New Job) 

    Most guys, who care WAY TOO MUCH, usually project or 

    develop insecurities in themselves. 

    This does not Impress or Capture Women's Interest or Attention. 

    The key to Breaking the Ice with ANYONE, 

    is in the ability to make People Smile and Enjoy your company. 

    Always use Smiles, Humor and Compliments to approach people. 

    USE SMILES (to make them relax), 

    USE HUMOR (to make them Smile or Laugh), 

    USE COMPLIMENTS (to make them feel good about themselves 

    when they are around you)


    Wouldn't you want to be around someone 

    that made you feel good about yourself? 

    What someone else Wants, Thinks or Feels IS NEVER your concern. 

    If YOU like someone, YOUR HEART is what matters. 

    Your ONLY job/goal is to get by her side. In her company. 

    Once there, make her Smile, Laugh and Feel good about herself 

    with Compliments. 

    Wouldn’t you like being around someone that did that for you?? 

    This is how you win over people. Be Likable and Be Fun. 

    MAKE THIS YOUR PERSONALITY and people will look for/want 

    to be around you. 

    All this may sound scary to you, 

    but aren't you already scared anyway… 

    And probably sick of being YOU. (the way you are) 

    CHANGE will Always be Uncomfortable… 

    until it becomes the way you do things. 

    Practice is about FAILING, until You Get Better. 

    DO NOT be afraid to Practice. 

    Practice is just taking BABY STEPS, 

    until it becomes Who You Are. 

    Anyone who Rejects you is just PRACTICE. 

    Anyone who Engages you is PROGRESS. 

    Develop Popularity And The Guy/Girl You Are Looking For 

    Will Probably Find You. 

    If you don't start PRACTICING this now, you will lose out on many other opportunities (guys/girls) in the future. 

    The Players call it "Having Game."


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  • Ana
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    He has a girlfriend, so you should move on and find a SINGLE guy next time

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  • 2 months ago

    Cut him loose.  He's flaky. 

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