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Her ex husband gets half of her taxes.?

My wife and I been married for 3 years. She has has two kid by her ex husband. A 4 year old girl and a 8 year old boy. We have no children together and I have no kids at all. Anyhow, The 4 years girl lives with us 7 days a week. The boy lives with us to stay in the school hes in until he goes to middle school. He currently in the 2nd grade. He comes stays with us every weekend. Her ex is basically is kid free every weekend. Her ex husband works construction under the table and doesn't pay taxes. Each year she'll claim both the kids on her taxes and then she splits the money with him  right down the middle. I dont think its fair he gets half cause out of the two children he has he only takes care of one and for only 5 days out the week. I do think he should get something but not half.  I feel like if he wants if he wants more he should get job where he pays taxes and claim one if the kids. I haven't said anything to her about it I was just wondering an outside opinion the matter. 

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    Well, first thing first -- we aren't here to be "fair". Secondly, if this was an agreement in the legal divorce degree and it states the taxes are to be split, then she has to do it, unless she goes back to court to see if she can get that changed.

    I'm not sure why you're all butt hurt... it's her refund, not yours.

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    I can put on two different hats.  I trust my wife and decisions she makes.  But the decisions affect both of us so they should be joint.  As a married couple she should have discussed the matter with you.  It is communal property now.  What is happening to the REST of her income?  Who pays bills at the moment?  There is a presumption (in a divorce settlement) that you have both contributed equally during the marriage.  Her statement on the tax, to claim both children, is that she is paying for and supporting them.  Is she?  Or is that a lie which would make you all the beneficiaries of a fraud?  Much for you all to think about

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