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If you are a skeptic about everything please bypass this question everyone else feel free to read & answer please!?

This is going to sound so weird but what the heck , ok back in 2014 I moved to Greenville Mississippi & one day I put my son down for a nap & I proceeded to take one to. Long story short I woke up to a strange black lady(I’m black myself so think I’m racist by saying black lady) lol but I woke up to a black lady had to been in her  late 30s or 40s skinny with beads around her neck and risks and she was running both her hands on me from my upper body to my toes repeatedly in a ritualistic way.. that’s what woke me up her touch and when she realized My eyes was open she stopped and disappeared... now I’m not asking anybody to tell me what I saw and felt because I know what I saw and felt but my question was what could she had been doing what was she practicing over me as I slept ? Whatever it was it couldn’t be nothing to bad that was in 2014 here it is 2020 I’m still here but I’m curious to know was it a ritual & if so what kind and what for?

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    There is a strange state between waking and sleeping when you are still asleep but the mind thinks it is awake and dreams seem to be real. External stimuli such as alarm clocks or radio programs  can be incorporated into the dream. The phenomenon is well known but it scares lots of people who do not know what is happening.

    You should read "The Demon Haunted World" by Carl Sagan which explains this strange state (which is also responsible for incubus and succubus and many of the alien abduction accounts). It doesn't make the experience any less real but it does tell you what is going on.

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