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How do you make a pregnant cat have her nest in a specific place? ?

Hello, for context, i do not have the cat, but i am asking for my boyfriend who does not speak english so i am asking in his place. He lives in Venezuela, as some of you may know a extremely poor and inflated country, to the point where veterinary attention (or even any kind of medical attention for both animals and humans alike) is impossible, so whenever his cats are sickly, he makes do with whatever he has available. He's adopted a kitten who is one year old now and, as said before, since veterinary attention is impossible he can not spay his cats. His parents despise the cats but kind of tolerate them, except they do not allow him to ever close the back door which allows the cats to go out and he can't do anything about it. The neighbourhood people are cruel and poison and abuse stray cats and animals in general a lot, so any cat around there is in constant danger. The kitten i mentioned has turned out pregnant, and we're both afraid of her giving birth in a den somewhere in the streets where people can find and kill the kittens. We're also afraid for her health since she is too young. We want her to make her nest in my boyfriend's room, so the kittens can be born in a safe place away from the neighbour's reach, at least until they can walk and inevitably explore out of the house. I already told him not to get attached and probably expect the worst, but we still want to do whatever possible to make them safe. Is there any way to have his cat make her nest in his room? 

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  • Bort
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    A cat usually chooses the safest place to nest and have her litter. Boyfriend can try to set up a place in a closet with a cardboard box and towels and blankets but it's impossible to guarantee where she's going to choose to nest when it's time for babies to arrive. Read this:

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  • PR
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    1 month ago

    The only way to do that is to keep her in that room until they are born. If he could possibly convince his parents to keep the door closed, that would help but, of course, all it would take is one mistake and she may get out. 

    He would need to keep her needs in there, water, litter, food, and make several good hiding spots so she knows she can hide her litter once delivered.

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